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Restocking, Making a claim or arranging a return

Please ensure that you are aware of the relevant details in our Returns Policy (view here) for restocking, making a claim for faults or for returning goods to us. Please complete the claims form below.

For all faults we request that you send a video and/or images to show the reported fault.  For unused restocking and returns we request images of the boxed product to allow us to ensure no damage is sustained during transportation back to us.

Upon receipt of this completed form we will process your claim and contact you as required.

The regulation states that any fluid of category 4 or 5 must be separated by a double wall in order to comply. It is generally accepted (but debateable) that the change of fluid category associated with showering is at the point of the trap for the shower where it passes from its lowest possible category of 3 to a category 5 fluid on joining the rest of the waste system. There are certainly some circumstances where the shower waste itself prior to the trap may be deemed as a category 5 fluid.

Therefore, in order for a single walled product to comply, additional design and installation requirements are required.

The primary implication of this it that a drainage trap must be installed downstream of the unit, and therefore a trap should not be installed before the WWHRS. Removing the trap from the normal position at the bath or shower tray, and then relocating it downstream of the WWHRS unit (often on the floor below the shower or bathroom), can present several significant issues to both the installer and homeowner:

Recoup WWHRS Learning

Recoup WWHRS Learning is our online education portal for all things waste water heat recovery. Made up of courses containing lessons and quizzes it goes from an introduction to waste water heat recovery for showers to product installation courses. Find out more here.

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