Passively Recovering Waste Heat Energy With Every Shower

Recoup Tray+ DSS-S2

Our tray is the perfect solution for apartments or ground floor en-suites. Achieving code in city apartments without renewables is notoriously difficult; this shower heat recovery system is the answer that doesn’t cost the earth. The Recoup Tray+ DSS-S2 WWHRS offers our high efficiency, waste water heat recovery technology, incorporated into a shower tray. A horizontal waste water heat exchanger that is easily installed into a variety of environments and easily accessible once in place. Achieving code in city apartments without renewable products is notoriously difficult; this shower heat recovery system with its two tray sizes (900mm x 900mm & 1200mm x 900mm) is the answer that doesn’t heavily impact upon budgets. This system is suitable for easy installations, at any level, without the need for boxing in or major renovation work. Examples of perfect applications include hotels, apartments, student accommodation and any commercial or domestic ground floor showers.

Features and benefits

  • Available in a 900mm x 900mm or 900mm x 1200mm acrylic tray
  • KIWA validated efficiencies of up to 50%, dependant on flow rate
  • WRAS approved
  • Legionella control risk assessed
  • Buit-in trap
  • Drain cover available in different colours
  • Can be sunk into floor to create a low profile
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Optional skirts
  • Option of 3 system installation variations
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • SAP listed

Product application

Bungalows or ground floor, Apartments, Commercial properties Product Application

Product diagram

Recoup Tray+ DSS-S22 Diagram

Data & Specification

Specification details

Description Value Unit
Minimum depth for installation 150 mm
Overall width for installation 900 mm
Material – Heat exchanger Copper
Shower flow rate 5 – 12.5 litres/min
Max. Mains water inlet pressure 10 bar
Min. Mains water inlet pressure 1 bar
Max. Waste water working temp 85 °C
Mains water connection ½” male BSP
Waste water connection 40 – 43 mm
Weight (Boxed) 34 kg
Water volume – mains water 0.67 litres

Performance & efficiency

Shower Flow Rate @ 40°C ( litres/min )

Tray+ DSS-S2 efficiency ( Recovered energy kWh )

System A System B System C
9.0 46.3% (8.7) 36.5% (6.9) 41.9% (7.9)
9.2 45.8% (8.8)
11.0 45.4% (10.4) 36.5% (8.4) 40.6% (9.3)
12.5 45.2% (11.8)

Pressure drop on mains water circuit

Shower Flow Rate @ 40°C (litres/min )

Tray+ DSS-S2 Pressure drop ( bar )

System A System B System C
5.8 0.18 0.11 0.07
9.2 0.39 0.24 0.16
12.5 0.52 0.33 0.21

Technical information and downloads

Recoup Tray+ DSS-S2 (900mm) DrawingRecoup Tray+ DSS-S2 (900mm) Drawing

Recoup Tray+DSS-S2 (900mm) Drawing document.

Download Here…

Recoup Tray+ DSS-S2 (1200mm) DrawingRecoup Tray+ DSS-S2 (1200mm) Drawing

Recoup Tray+DSS-S2 (1200mm) Drawing document.

Download Here…

Recoup Tray+ DSS-S2 installation and dataRecoup Tray+ DSS-S2 (900mm x 900mm & 1200mm x 900mm) installation and data

Guide to the installation, product details, performance and operation of the Recoup Tray+ DSS-S (900mm x 900mm and 1200mm x 900mm) product.

Download Here…

Recoup WWHRS brochure

Recoup WWHRS BrochureRecoup's Waste Water Heat Recovery System (WWHRS) Brochure and Portfolio to download, save, print or share. Provides background information on WWHRS and why to use it, SAP assessment, SBEM, BREEAM, Passive House, all product options, features, benefits, installation methods and links to additional useful information.
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