Passively Recovering Waste Heat Energy With Every Shower

Recoup Pipe HEX

The Recoup Pipe HEX is the latest evolution in WWHRS and successor to the UKs’ most-specified WWHRS product, the Recoup Pipe+ HE.

With the new Turbo Rotator helping to increase efficiency, achieving up to 68.5%. The new compact end design improves installation accuracy and durability. The Pipe HEX boasts a low price, incredible SAP points, easy installation, no end user interaction and a market leading 10 year warranty.

Along with the unrivalled benefits of its PVC outer, including cost reduction, on-site theft deterrent, and a reduced product weight; incredibly it offers an even better pound to points ratio in SAP than the Pipe+ HE.

Ideal for new build applications, residential houses, hotels and student accommodation projects, it will reduce primary energy demand via simple and reliable heat exchange technology.

Features and benefits

  • 2100mm long pipe with installation height of up to 2308mm
  • Vertical system designed for first floor showers
  • Can be linked to a waste water drain where the shower is over a tray, wet room or bath
  • Double walled, patented heat exchanger
  • KIWA validated efficiencies of up to 68.5%, dependant on flow rate
  • Legionella control risk assessed
  • PVC outer pipe reduces weight, cost and is an on site theft deterrent
  • Option of 3 system installation variations
  • High quality manufacture
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • 10 year product warranty
  • Can’t be seen once installed & no end user interaction is required
  • SAP listed on the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB)
  • Shorter Pipe HEX-Rd and bespoke solutions available

Product application

House & Commercial Properties Product Application

Product diagram

Recoup Pipe+ HE Diagram

How the Pipe HEX works

The video below shows the Pipe+ HE but the exact same process applies.

Pipe HEX Installation Video

Pipe HEX Data & Specification

Specification details

Technical Data - General Information


Performance & efficiency

Technical Data - Performance & Efficiency


Pressure drop on mains water circuit

Technical Data - Pressure Drop on Mains Water Circuit

Pipe HEX Technical information and downloads

Recoup Pipe HEX Technical SpecificationRecoup Pipe HEX Technical Specification

Technical Specification document for the Pipe HEX.

Download Here…

Pipe HEX AssemblyRecoup Pipe HEX Assembly

Assembly with Turbo Rotator.

Download Here…

Pipe HEX Installation DiagramRecoup Pipe HEX Installation Diagram

Installation diagram with Turbo Rotator and installation dimensions.

Download Here…

Pipe HEX Installation DifferencesRecoup Pipe HEX Installation Differences

Installation differences compared to the Recoup Pipe+ HE.

Download Here…

Pipe HEX installation Guide and DataRecoup Pipe HEX installation Guide and Data

Guide to the installation, product details, performance and operation.

Download Here…

Recoup Pipe HEX BIM ModelRecoup Pipe HEX BIM Model

The Pipe HEX Building Information Modelling (BIM) is available for download here and on Bimstore with our other products. The Pipe HEX model also covers the reduced sized Pipe HEX-Rd and Pipe HEX-Rd (Bespoke) versions.

Download Here…

Recoup WWHRS brochure

Recoup WWHRS BrochureRecoup's Waste Water Heat Recovery System (WWHRS) Brochure and Portfolio to download, save, print or share. Provides background information on WWHRS and why to use it, SAP assessment, SBEM, BREEAM, Passive House, all product options, features, benefits, installation methods and links to additional useful information.
Download here...

Recoup WWHRS Learning

Recoup WWHRS Learning is our online education portal for all things waste water heat recovery. Made up of courses containing lessons and quizzes it goes from an introduction to waste water heat recovery for showers to product installation courses. Find out more here.

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